MochiSu is an accessories brand which wants to do more than just sell their products. They hope that through their company, they can raise awareness and money for the Wayuu community; an indigenous group living in the Northern part of Colombia. Krystie, the founder of MochiSu and Travis, the co-founder were rst inspired to create such a company when they visited La Guajira, Colombia. The married couple here experienced the Wayuu festival and not only learned about the group’s culture but were amazed by their crafts; the colorful, handmade mochilas. Krystie states, “It really blew my mind how someone could dedicate 20 to 30 days to complete one bag and then sell it to tourists just so they can support their families.” Despite the hard work that the Wayuu women put into their crafts, Krystie says, “the Wayuu are still living with less than a dollar a day.” This was the moment that generated the spark for both Krystie and Travis.

The husband and wife team has now been working with a group of Wayuu women for a year collaborating with them on design ideas and paying them fairly. The founders have become more than just co-workers with these group of women. As Krystie states, “We [Travis and Krystie] try to go out there every 2 to 3 months and spend time with the families, stay in their homes and just get to know them. We’ve become family and speak to them on a daily basis.”

MochiSu’s goal is to sell bags and accessories and most importantly, focuses on giving job opportunities to the Wayuu community and to spread awareness. They receive online orders internationally and have concentrated on doing pop ups around the US to get their name out there. Their brand is one that comes with a mission. The MochiSu founders state, “People can make such a major impact with the things they buy and who they buy it from, that’s why it’s important to have brands like this.”