Raíz Latinoamericana’s rst documentary is born because of the protests that took place in Venezuela in April 2017. Venezuelans protested in the streets for over ve months – Venezuelans today face the worst crisis in the history of the country. There is absolutely no electoral stability, there’s an intense scarcity of food and medicine, and there isn’t a humanitarian mean through which these can be obtained. Even though Venezuelans had protested various times years before, there never were manifestations as massive as these. For the rst time, despite the censorship at a national level, news about this reached international platforms – it was even discussed in panels at the UN. It can also be said that the impact of these protest made it to an international level because of the millions of Venezuelans that live outside their country, and seek for a better future. The Venezuelan Diaspora took charge of communicating what was happening – it was something that the world had to see with their own eyes.

Organizations like “Sin Mordaza” they managed to make all of this possible. The idea was for concentrations to be a representation of moral support to all of those people that were fighting on the streets in Venezuela. These concentrations happened around the world and they gave an opportunity to those millions of Venezuelans that reside outside their home to express themselves and to be able to tell people around them how much repression and su ering their people were experiencing, that simply seek peace and stability for their country. In Boston, many protests and different activities took place so that the city could become a part of what was happening in Venezuela. These concentrations were held at the Boston Common, Northeastern University , Copley Square, and an “express manifestation” that was done outside of the Venezuelan consulate. Juan Pablo Coral and Maria Carolina Gonzalez were in charge of documenting the manifestations that happened in Boston. Coral, who is the founder of Raiz Latinoamericana had the idea of the documentary. The narrative of the documentary hopes to tell how the venezuelan diaspora got together and represented their country internationally. Hopefully, the documentary will be released and screened at the beginning of next year 2018.