Fluid Lightness

To live without taking power of our actions makes us oat in deci- sions that were taken by others. “Fluid Lightness” represents this feeling of not having agency of our path through life and of embracing what the norm states. In the photograph, one can observe how the hand of the model is being taken by another one. This represents some external force from her that is deciding her journey in the water. The photograph invites the observer to understand the consequences of letting themselves go through the light path in life, and to nd a balance between the lightness and the level of preoccupations that they have every day.

Knowledge Bubble

Becoming an expert in a particular area opens understanding of new concepts and experiences. However, it also makes us unable to come back to the way we saw that eld of study before. The man photographed, is a lm student at Emerson College, and his advanced understanding of Cinema does not permit him to thoroughly enjoy from lms that he loved before going to Film School. Now, his knowledge of Film is enclosing him in a bubble where he centers in checking the shots, the music, the framing, the colors, and the cinematography of every movie he watches. The use of the 3D glasses (both as part of his costume, and as the lens itself) pretend to convey the biased perspective he gets, and the transparent texture on top of his face represents the bubble that traps him.

Same Self

Inspired by the French singer Stromae’s song Tous Les Mêmes (All The Same), “Same Self” illustrates the two facets of Stromae throughout the music video where he acted as a woman and as a man. The side faces are facing each other to represent the internal con ict that the character is experiencing inside his hermaphroditic self.


The actions we decide to take, shape the journey of our lives. Although open to interpretation, “Shedding” aims to represent the path of those whose decisions led them to a circle of destruction. The egg serves as a metaphor for an individual that is passing through a moment in their life when their actions are causing them to collapse. The primary purpose of this piece is to invite the observers to analyze their daily decisions as a way of avoiding self-destruction.