Lately, every time I mention my country, Venezuela, people respond to me with a sad and empathetic look, usually followed by the sentence “I have heard that things are pretty bad there, that must be devastating.” It seems that the current socio-political and economic crisis, have de ned my nation. However, I wanted to show people the Venezuela I have come to love and the reasons that motivate me everyday to ght for its progress and freedom. I have come to love a nation infused by a vivid and warm color palette. Where the melodies of Tío Simon, bring a nation together. I have come to love seeing El Ávila everyday, with all its mysterious and outstanding beauty. Where the Araguaney, brightens the souls of every Venezuelan. I have come to love the uniting force of eating Arepas with families and friends. Where the laughter of children, fill the world with hope. I have come to love a nation where creativity de es limits of reality, such as La Esfera by Soto. Where El Salto Ángel and the Tepuy, remind us of the wondergul gifts Mother Nature has given us. This is the nation I have come to love, my Venezuela.