Raíz Magazine wants to shed light to those students who feel greatly connected with their Latinx origins. In order to do so, we created what we like to call a “blank canvas.” Therefore, students will be able to express their ideas, thoughts, and art. By allowing people to explore their creativity, we feel as though we provide a bridge to connect them to their roots. Throughout the whole process, we tried to maintain no limitations as to what they wanted to communicate and this includes their language of choice. We are providing a magazine that is in both in Spanish and English to gives freedom and unity in hopes of becoming a closer community. Overall, we hope to embody a sense of connectedness that does not exclude non-Latinx individuals but incorporates a greater insight on what it is like to be Latinx.


Raiz Latinoamericana is the first Latin creative Organization at Emerson College. We strive to get students to connect to their roots through any type of art. This organization was first established in 2015 with the creation of a play called Antigona. Juan Pablo Coral is the founder of the organization. Now Raiz is preparing 2 more projects for next year 2018 apart from the magazine.



When I heard about this project I knew it was something I had to do. Not for the fun or exciting that was to achieve this magazine, but for the Latin absence that I felt in the university. Being a Latina is something that I wear with pride and makes me  who I am every day. This is why I accepted this challenge, because I want to represent my roots in the best way, even when I am far away. I know what it feels like to be Latina, and I intend for more people to understand this meaning. For me, being Latina is walking with tumbao and laughing with sazon. It’s having the best coffee in the world in your backyard, having the Caribbean Sea as your personal pool and owning  Los Andes. Being Latino means loving your land, and knowing that you will not find other like it. Although this project was challenging, we never stopped because we knew that this was something that had to happen. This first edition of Raíz Magazine means the Latinx representation at Emerson College, that representation that we hope will never be absent again.


I would like to begin by expressing how grateful I am to have been part of such a meaningful project. Raíz Magazine is a re ection of a community in Emerson College seeking familiarity and a piece of home from somewhere that is thousands of miles away. Whilst collecting submissions for the magazine, we were met with a lot of gratitude. People were happy to see our initiative of doing something for the Latinx community and I feel so fortunate to have helped provide that. The majority of my family is Venezuelan and I was born there, however I only lived there for about two years of my life. Despite that, I have proudly carried my roots with me throughout my whole life. I never want anyone to feel as though they cannot. I want this magazine to work as a tie to people’s roots; a way of proudly showcasing who they are and where they came from. The production of this magazine was quite a task, however one that I did and will continue doing with the utmost strive, dedication, and honor. We gave it our all and so I hope you do as well, get lost in our pages. Thank you.